I'm Yaya, lead designer in tech tech

I'm a French Lead Designer based in Paris, France. I work on innovative interfaces in many sectors:Web 3.0, IA, health... A little overview of my work

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UI design • Art direction • UX design • UI design • Art direction • UX design •

Turn your ideas into functional user-centric graphical interfaces


I'm a freelance graphic designer working for lmany accounts and innovative startups, from NFT to IA, health projects...
Above all, I define myself as a product designer oriented UI first but naturally approaching UX methodology in my creation process with a real empathy for users.
I particularly like complex projects with data, advanced functionalities, strong technical issues...A geek soul in a creative body!
I'm also an art director that allows me to manage any type of design project: creation of graphic charter, branding, team management, project monitoring but also great keynote presentations and even WordPress integration!